What is Our Family Dinner?

It is a tradition, movement and an initiative of Family Dinner Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)(3) organization. Our EIN is 47-1639472. Our mission is connect the world as a family over the dinner table. We’re the most digitally connected than we’ve ever been yet the most isolated and disconnected interpersonally. In a time where many of us are mediating our lives behind a computer screen and are living in cities without strong pre-existing relationships, it is vital for brothers and sisters to have a space where they can build relationships without having to qualify, “know the right people,” and be on — Our Family Dinner steps into that need and equips hosts around the world to open their hearts, hands and homes to welcome, know care for people like you and me.

What does Our Family Dinner do, specifically?

We are the equivalent of the familial gathering you may have grown up attending with loving relatives + friends coming together for great food and fellowship, from aluminum pans on warmers, to warm hugs and genuine smiles.

We equip and empower hosts (volunteers) to make space for brothers and sisters in your city to find real fellowship & friendship over the dinner table. We’ve historically helped hosts make space in restaurants and large public spaces, but we’ve now focused on helping hosts make space in their own homes.

We help brothers and sisters like you get welcomed and connected to these dinners taking place around their city all year long. Periodically, we gather all of the family members together in the city for a citywide Our Family Dinner which is akin to a family reunion, just for the city. We typically partner with local and national partners to bring that experience to as many brothers and sisters as possible.

Whether you recently moved to a new city and are looking for a community of brothers and sisters who want to build familial friendships, you’ve lived in a city for years and recognize your responsibility to be hospitable or are a corporate partner looking to have a familial, engaging experience/activation, this tradition is of value for everyone. There is nothing like an Our Family Dinner and we want to release the tradition to the world in a way that makes brothers and sisters, families, community organizations and major institutions value breaking bread together in a familial (non-corporate) way.

How did Our Family Dinner start?

Check out the story of how we started here

Who hosts and organizes the Our Family Dinners?

You do. Yes, literally, brothers and sisters like you take the lead and we help them see the tradition through where you live. While we have a more formal process for hosting for Our Family Dinner groups, it is all to ensure we can coordinate and connect as many brothers and sisters in groups as possible.

What kind of commitment is expected for a group?

Most Our Family Dinner groups meet weekly (6 weeks) or bi-weekly (8 weeks) for a set period of time on Saturday or Sundays during each season. There are a handful of groups that meet monthly.

By joining a group you are committing to be present. We know you can’t develop friendships without connection, consistency, vulnerability and commitment, so you presence for a given season is vital.

What can I expect whenever I attend a group?

Our Family Dinner groups meet at a brother’s or sister’s home. This is in contrast to our Citywide Our Family Dinners which meet in restaurants and large community spaces. Every group is designed to create an environment where brothers and sisters feel welcome, known and cared for like a loving family member. We also want to make it possible for anyone who desires family like this to attend, so we work to minimize costs. While hosts can tailor the content of gathering to their liking, in the spirit of the tradition, each commits to maintaining the core elements of our tradition: Warm Welcome (Welcome Calls + Hugs + Introductions), Grace / Opening Prayer, Breaking Bread, Being Fully Present: Goodbye to Phones at the dinner table, Being Known: Life Moments, No Resumes and A Familial Shared Experience/Activity (e.g., FD ice breakers, game nights, movie/tv show, outside activity)

What day and time do your groups meet?

Most Our Family Dinner groups meet weekly or bi-weekly on Saturday or Sundays for 6-8 weeks in a season.

There are a handful of groups that meet monthly and that’s usually the first Sundays every month. Weekdays are difficult for most given work scheduling/commitments and existing faith studies/groups. We believe Saturdays and Sundays after 2 pm are great times to fellowship.

When are the dates for the seasonal Our Family Dinner Groups?

  • Winter: January 20th – March 4th 2018 (Registration Opening Soon)
  • Spring: March 31st – May 6th 2018
  • Fall: October 6th – November 18th 2018

Do you have groups exclusively for individuals 55+?

Not yet, but we have before and we will again. It all depends on having hosts who are interested in forming these groups. If you are interested in starting a group for brothers and sisters 55+ sign up to host and let us know!

How do I sign up for a group?

Go to Join Us in the navigation menu and select Join a Dinner Group

What if I don’t hear back or I get stuck trying to find a group?

Email us:

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