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Thank you for considering becoming an Our Family Dinner group host!

Our Family Dinner Groups makes it easier for brothers and sisters who have the gift of hospitality and leadership to host, in their own neighborhoods and be beacons of hospitality and community building so desperately needed in our cities.

Our Family Dinner Groups are a place for brothers and sisters to find real friendship over the dinner table. While gathering as a larger city is vital, gathering in smaller groups is equally as vital to ensuring brothers and sisters have a real opportunity to develop lifelong friendships.

Types of Hosts

There are three types of hosts: Servant Lead Host, Home Host or Dual Host.
You can be a dual host who leads and hosts the group in his or her home. You can be a home host who opens up their home for Our Family Dinner Group gatherings. Or you can be a home host or servant lead host who partners with another home host or lead host to form an Our Family Dinner Group.

Ways to Host

You can host in three ways: Host a Seasonal Our Family Dinner Group (6 Weeks or 8 Weeks) or Host a Monthly Our Family Dinner Group (Full Year)

Since hosts play such an important role, we want you to understand the role(s) and expectations, while considering your decision to serve. After reviewing the information below on roles and expectations, if you are interested in serving, complete the form below.

Please note: We prioritize dual hosts who can servant lead and host in their home since space to gather determines how many Our Family Dinner groups we can host in a given season.

Once your application is received, you will be contacted for an interview. If you have questions regarding any of the information, please email us at

Roles & Expectations

  • Role of Hosts:

    Our Family Dinner Group hosts are responsible for providing leadership and support to 5-10 individuals. A host’s responsibility is to create an environment where brothers and sisters feel welcome, known and cared for like they were a loving family member.
  • Membership of Hosts:You must be a member of Our Family Dinner. Our Family Dinner is a tradition founded, lead and strengthened by the time, talent and treasure of hosts all around the world. We believe it is our responsibility as hosts to see that our work not only remains powerful and effective but also sustainable. Sustainability requires the financial support of our members. If you’re not already a member, become a member today!
  • Expectations of Hosts:Help to gather an Our Family Dinner group in a season of your choice, while honoring the core elements and principles of an Our Family Dinner and promoting engagement among group members for a minimum of 6 weeks (for seasonal) or 12 months (for monthly dinner groups).Commit to attend training sessions and Host Check-Ins.

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  • Please include the name and email address of the person you will be co-hosting with for Our Family Dinner groups.
    Our Family Dinner groups work best on weekends given the competing scheduling demands of work. Plus, we see the weekend as family time and there is nothing better than a Sunday or Saturday dinner tradition.


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